Makeup Services

Having your brows, lashes, or makeup designed by a skilled esthetician can help you look your best—for a special occasion or every day. Our licensed estheticians provide superior makeup services at our Toledo medical spa, including eyelash extensions, brow tinting, lash lifting, and Latisse® consultations.

Brows & Lashes

Eyelash Extensions 

This service provides clients with thicker and longer eyelashes through professional application by our certified lash artist. Natural and lightweight, eyelash extensions are perfect for daily wear, special occasions, and for those with active lifestyles. These semi-permanent lashes typically last 2 to 4 weeks. 

Eyelash extensions at Bella Via Medical Spa

Our certified lash artist examines your lashes to determine if you are a good extension candidate. She performs a patch test by applying one extension to each eye to ensure no reactions. Consultations are valid for a year. 

Full Set—$175
A full set of lashes are applied to the clients eyes and depending on the client’s eye shape style and length will be decided by the client and technician.

Hybrid Set —$220

Volume Full Set —$250+ 

Lash Fill*

$50 – $250+ 
This service is to be scheduled every 1-4 weeks post-application for the purposes of filling in lashes that have fallen out during the natural growth cycle of your lashes. We charge lash fills on a tiered system according to the time between appointments. 

  • Mini (13 days or less) starts at $50
  • 2-weeks  starts at $65
  • 3-weeks  starts at $80 
  • Add $25 for hybrid
  • Add $35 for volume 

*After 4 weeks, a full set application is necessary at the $175-$250 price. Bella Via adheres to a 48-hour cancellation policy for full set appointments. A $50 deposit is required to secure full set appointments. 

Lash Modification

This service is for someone who needs a lash fill but has not seen our certified lash artist. A consultation is unnecessary, but you must complete a waiver due to the differences in adhesives and extensions used by various technicians. Prices for a lash modification are determined by the number of lashes needed to fill in the lashes that have fallen out during your natural growth cycle.

Lash or Brow Tinting 

Lash $25, Brow $25, Lash & Brow $40
This quick and painless procedure uses a vegetable dye to darken and add definition to eyelashes and eyebrows. Results are smudge-proof, fresh, and natural. Tinting typically lasts 2 to 4 weeks. 

Lash Lift 

Lash lifts create thicker, darker,  and longer lashes without extensions or mascara. Bella Via uses Elleebana Lash Lift products, a certified-safe chemical process that will give you more luscious, voluminous-looking lashes in under an hour! Results can last 4 to 6 weeks. 

For a more dramatic look, add a lash tint for $20.

Brow Lamination 

Get naturally fuller eyebrows after 1 treatment. Pair with a tint for a bolder look. Results can last 4 to 6 weeks. 

For a more dramatic look, add a lash tint for $20.

Latisse Consultation 

Latisse is a prescription product that helps your natural lashes grow darker, thicker, and longer. In this complimentary 15-minute session, an esthetician discusses using the product, takes pictures, and completes paperwork. 

Before and 16 weeks after Latisse

Professional Makeup

We use Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics so your makeup becomes a natural extension of your daily skincare program. Mineral cosmetics use a highly sophisticated blend of non-comedogenic minerals and pigments—meaning they won’t clog your pores. Composed of inert minerals that cannot support bacteria, mineral cosmetics provide complete coverage with a natural SPF and virtually no allergy risk. 

Foundation Match 

During this 30-minute appointment, you can find the foundation type and color best for your skin type and lifestyle. We waive the consultation fee with the purchase of your foundation. 

Corrective Camouflage 

Our line of camouflage cosmetics helps cover, hide, and disguise various flaws and imperfections. This service also works well for post-procedure redness and bruising. Corrective Color Kits by Jane Iredale are available for $25. 

What’s Next? 

Have our experienced team of aesthetic specialists ensure your makeup is perfect for your special event or help you look your best every day! Under the supervision of board-certified plastic surgeons, they create customized plans based on your unique needs. To learn more, request an appointment or call us at (419) 534-6552.